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The Yankees sign Two Year Deal with Ichiro Suzuki

The formidable New York Yankees have become massively popular among fans thanks to their consistent winning performances and their “never say die” attitude. This powerhouse Major League Baseball team doesn’t know when to quit and can give the most formidable opponents a run for their money. The team, over the course of its long and illustrious history, has become immensely popular among fans who buy New York Yankees Season Tickets from renowned website TicketVistas as soon as MLB Tickets go on sale.

The world of professional sports is an extremely unpredictable world where a high profile player might be playing for a franchise team one season and can get traded to a rival team the very next season only to face off against his former teammates. Something similar happened this past Wednesday when The Yankees signed a two year contract with veteran outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

If reports are to be believed the 39 year outfielder, during the course of his 2 year contract, will earn an estimated $12 to $13 million. In order to make room for Suzuki on the 40-man roster the Yankees have designated right-handed pitcher Jim Miller for assignment.

Suzuki is a major league veteran having been an All-Star in a dozen Major League Seasons and came to Yankees in a July 23rd trade with the Mariners and will new replace right field free-agent Nick Swisher.

On signing of the deal Suzuki stated,”The Yankees are the kind of team that I always envisioned being a part of. Everyone in the world of competition has a strong desire to win, but the Yankees also have an atmosphere where losing is not an option. These two observations may sound similar, but I believe it is a rarity to find both coexisting in the same organization. He further added, “I believe the Yankees organization appreciates that there is a difference between a 39-year-old who has played relying only on talent, and a 39-year-old who has prepared, practiced, and thought thoroughly through many experiences for their craft. I am very thankful, and I will do my best to deliver on their expectations."

Suzuki posted a .261/.288/.353 batting line for the Mariners last season but improved to .322/.340/.454 in 67 games with the Yankees, hitting five home runs and stealing 14 bases. All of his homers came at Yankee Stadium, where he recorded an .894 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) on the year.

Suzuki stands at 2,606 hits in his big league career, putting him 394 away from the 3,000 mark and giving him a chance to reach that legendary number in Yankees pinstripes. He has notched 362 hits over the past two years, following 10 consecutive 200-hit campaigns.

New York Yankees are looking to improve their offensive tactics and the signing of Ichiro Suzuki will definitely help to add more firepower to their arsenal. New York Yankees Tickets can still be bought for a bargain from TicketVistas.

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